Glass Types

There are so many glass types to choose from when deciding what to use in a design. That’s without the huge range of colours within each type!

I have decided to list just a few varieties on this page, to give you an idea of just how many different glasses there are available and what they look like in sheet form.

Most of these can be seen in my work.

The glasses below have a dual interest both are textured;

Iridised granite               Confetti streamer textured glasses

The glasses below are iridised – they have an oil-like sheen on one side to catch the light as much as possible;

The glasses below are all wispy and streaky- they have two or more colours swirled in a sheet. Some are more see through than others. No two sheets are the same as the pattern will always vary.


The glasses below are all classed as textured. They have a pattern on one side formed in the molten rolling stage of the sheet. Some patterns are heavier in texture than others. One side of the sheet is always smooth so it can be cut in to shape easily.

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